I’ve hit a wall this past week. A health wall. A few weeks ago I started a new workout/fitness routine that lasted about an hour in the mornings. I started this even though I’ve been battling some mutant cold that won’t let go. I pushed through for nearly three weeks until about a week ago I was waking up feeling even worse than normal. Like I’d been hit in the face with a shovel worse. I haven’t been able to workout in at least a week and it sucks.

I kept saying I needed to get to a clinic, as much fun as it is to feel like you’ve been breathing acid versus air, and yet I’d get pulled into work or project or life things and forget to find a clinic. This morning I added a lovely cough to the mix and it’s turned into yet another morning I can imagine trying to push through a workout and simply want to curl up back in bed.

I brewed some tea and sat down to find a clinic.

I can’t keep pushing one area of my health aside thinking it will magically cure itself and allow me to push forward in other areas of my health. Strength of will only goes so far and it certainly doesn’t fix sinuses. I can’t keep forgetting to take care of myself. Do you ever do that? Find you’ve been putting yourself last on your to-do list? I do it too often and don’t even realize I’m doing it.

But I’m trying to shift that way of thinking, starting with finding a clinic.

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