Hello February.

January simultaneously flew by and seemed to move like molasses. It was an eventful month of both ups and downs. But 2019 is shaping up to be a good year where I feel I’m finally taking charge of me.

Ups: I turned 39. Got to spend some time down in TN helping build fence line (and drag my SO down with me). Brought China* up to OH.

Downs: We had a very unexpected death in the family, one of my paternal aunts.

Having a death in the family is never easy but sometimes when you know it might be soon, there is time to prepare, even a little. When it comes out of nowhere you’re left with more questions than answers. More regrets than peace.┬áThere is a lot to unpack surrounding my aunt and family and I’m not sure when or how I’ll do that just yet but I know it’s something I want to spend time thinking about.

Shifting gears for a bit before I get too deep in my feels there.

I’ve been working on my grandpa’s letters and sorting by the years. After that I’ll sort by the date and month. I’ve read a few as I sort and they are cracking me up. One letter had my grandpa complaining about the Army and a friend of his bucking for promotion with the officers. Another one where his brother asking if his mother, my great-grandma, mailed a picture to Ginger, but not to tell Ginger about Penny, and that he’d decided not to marry a third.

I can’t let myself read too many of them or I’ll never finish the actual sorting. So I try to limit it to only a few letters during each sorting session.

My fiction project is still trucking along and I’m thinking I’ll be well into the outline by the end of this month. I’ve been using these books as I plot along:

They are two amazing books. As I work my way through them I get so much joy applying what I’m reading about to my novel. It’s fun and invigorating. I do a chapter at a time for both, simply taking my time and soaking it all in. I first learned of them in passing from Kameron Hurley and I’m so thankful I picked em up.

I think that about wraps it up for now but more to come. Cheers friends!

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