For too long I’ve let my past hold me back, often without even realizing just how much.

Last year I finally took the first step and sought treatment for PTSD from sexual trauma while active duty. I’m still in treatment and it will be a long road, but a journey worth making.

I’m working on me and my priorities for a change and letting myself say things like, “I’m not okay,” “No,” “I want…” It is hard and every day is a new challenge but taking it one day at a time means I don’t get lost in the vastness in front of me or the darkness behind me.

I’ll also be changing up how I use this site and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on here, something I’m very excited about.

I’m working on two big writing project this year. I want to complete a full draft of a novel I’ve had running around in my head for over a year now and I’m working on a nonfiction proposal for my grandpa’s WWII letters to start sending out to agents.

It’s going to be a tough but good year.

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