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Self-doubt and fear are a constant for me when it comes to writing. To be a writer has been my dream since I started reading. The idea of creating and shaping worlds, characters, stories, is intoxicating. In the back of my mind there are always writing ideas churning.

“That’d make a great title.”
“Great first line!”
“What if this character tried to do this…”

You get the idea. It is constant. But when I sit down to write, even for here, I freeze. I question word choice, ideas, worthiness to share. I step away to give myself time, thinking it will help. It never does.

Then I end up mad at myself for the fear, never a great combo.

I am sharing all of this in an effort to confront it and hopefully start to purge such feelings.

Nearly all other things in life I tackle head-on, jumping right in, willing to try and fail as many times as it might take. With writing, it isn’t the risk of failure that haunts me, I think it is more the fear of releasing control of the ideas.

I know I can push through this, I simply need to take it one word at a time.

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